Senate Dining Services Resolution

At the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, many students found themselves frustrated. Several popular menu items were removed from campus menus without any consultation with students. I responded swiftly by co-sponsoring a resolution calling on dining services to restore the menu items and establishing a framework for future communication.

A few days later, I met with the directors of dining services to discuss the resolution and the menu items were restored. Student Life, the student newspaper, stated that the Dining Services Resolution “spotlights the potential that SU Senate has to digest student issues and begin enacting real change on campus.”

Student of the Week



As Class of 2019 Vice President of Administration, I set out with the goal of uniting the class and promoting the diverse experience of our students. I created the Student of the Week Program to address these issues. Each week, a student was randomly selected, interviewed, and a profiled in a series on the Class of 2019 website. Student of the Week won the 2015-2016 Student Union Outstanding New Program Award.

These profiles can be found at:

ETHS Investment Club


In 2014, I became president of the ETHS Investment Club. I came in with a goal and a vision: “Make business cool.” My experience taught me that the best way to educate and inspire students about business would be to bring in speakers. I began essentially cold calling, reaching out to various businesspeople in the Chicago area, and was very surprised to find that many would speak to the club.

Some notable speakers have included:

The group started with just five members but grew to above 130, one of the largest clubs at Evanston Township High School.