I am excited to announce my candidacy for Executive Vice President of Administration. This past year, I served as Vice President of Administration of my Class Council, as well as on the Recruitment and Retention Committee, and the Budget Committee.


I am running because I love our community. I go out of my way to meet as many of the extraordinary students who attend Washington University as often as possible. As part of the Student of the Week initiative I started last semester, I met with 13 students to discuss their lives and—more importantly—understand their experiences on campus. I left each interview inspired by their stories, which are your stories. I want to use this position with Student Union to give back to you, empower you, and help improve your college experience.

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The Executive Vice President of Administration acts as the internal affairs officer of Student Union. I want to use this position to help Student Union become more transparent, accessible, and accountable so that we can make your Washington University experience the best it can be.


Student Union executives are often faced with challenging decisions that can have unpopular ramifications. I am prepared for this, and will ensure that Student Union maintains the highest standards for transparency during the decision-making process. One of the ways I will achieve this is by livestreaming and videotaping our Senate, Treasury, and General Budget Meetings. I also propose a public Student Union calendar that will enable students to know when and where Student Union meetings take place, so you can express your views. Finally, I will work with the next Executive Council to ensure that the student voice is given appropriate time and space during other meetings.


While Student Union will always move forward, I believe it is the job of the Executive Vice President of Administration to stand up for those who are left behind. I will work with the next Student Body President on initiatives to help these students. I commend this year’s exec for their work on the “It’s On Us” bystander intervention program, and will ensure that more programming like this emerges in the future.

Student Union should also increase collaboration with peer organizations such as Congress of the South 40 and the North Side Association. We should establish a database that helps these entities avoid cross-programming. We should also appoint a joint liaison who will encourage communication between our organizations.


We need to increase the number of women, minorities, art, architecture and engineering students in Student Union. As VP Admin, it will be my goal to ensure that Student Union represents the diverse set of viewpoints and students at WashU. I will accomplish this through Recruitment and Retention Committee by first appointing a diverse set of members to the committee. Then, I will ask committee members to use their personal networks to personally recruit a diverse array of students to run in elections and apply for appointments. I will also ask speakers and committee chairs to consider the diversity of their group when appointing members.

Finally, there has been much concern about the future of Fall WILD. Although we will have no Fall WILD in 2016, I strongly believe WILD is one of few events accessible to everyone, and it brings the entire university community together. I will do everything in my power to ensure that we have both Fall and Spring WILD in the future.

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I hope that my priorities resonate with you. If you have any questions reach out to me at nsilverman@wustl.edu. Also, check out my Facebook page, Student of the Week: http://2019.wustl.edu/student-of-the-week/ and my Snapchat: @noahsilv. Thank you.

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