Off to College

Tomorrow morning, I will put my belongings in our SUV and drive down to St. Louis. I can’t believe I’m going to college, but I had an awesome summer.

I had the privilege of interning this summer with the business office at Evanston Township High School. I worked directly under Bill Stafford, the CFO of ETHS, and I learned so much about pensions, financial reporting, and government policy. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to do hands on work and make decisions on the school’s behalf.

With ETHS CFO, Bill Stafford (Left) and Superintendent Eric Witherspoon (Right)
With ETHS CFO, Bill Stafford (Left) and Superintendent Eric Witherspoon (Right)

I’d also like to thank Jose Guerrero and Clarence Gregory for showing me how they managed ETHS from an operations standpoint.

IMG_2191 (1)
Last day on the job

I also traveled a lot this summer. In June, I visited my three friends in Virginia: Anna, Ellie, and Rossi. As always, I had an excellent time and I’d like to thank all three of them for their hospitality.


My largest trip this summer was to Europe. I started out with my family, flying to Copenhagen for a few days. Copenhagen is almost like a fairy tale. Almost everyone there is blonde and attractive, all the buildings are in pristine condition, there are no signs of homelessness or poverty, and it is so safe that most people don’t lock their bikes.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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After Copenhagen, we flew to Berlin, which I believe is my favorite city in Europe. There is a certain vibe to the city, the creativity that it brings that I love. The city has so many different neighborhoods and museums. One of my favorite attractions in the city was East Side Gallery, a mile long section of the Berlin Wall that serves as an art gallery with various murals. We even had the opportunity to tour the Reichstag Building:

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Stopped by the German Parliament

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After Berlin, I flew down to Heilbronn to meet a few friends from the German Exchange that I participated in last year.

Only a day or so later, a few of us: Alex, Hannes and Kevin, drove to Prague. One of my favorite features about Germany is Autobahn, of which many sections have no speed limit. One can save lots of time if they drive fast enough: 11884676_10206995372790013_1583886522149491652_o

Prague was a pretty interesting city. It is absolutely beautiful, but also slightly sketchy in an Eastern European way.  Also, if one goes to the right places, it can be incredibly cheap. I could get meals at sit-down restaurants for the equivalent of €4. Additionally, at restaurants, beer was about half the price of water. And the beer there was amazing.

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Prague was pretty turnt

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Unfortunately, Prague was going through a heat wave, and temperatures reached over 100 degrees. Our youth hostel was not air conditioned and needless to say it was incredibly toasty. However, we decided to experience some of the nightlife that Prague has to offer, and ended up running into Peer Schaefer, a yearlong exchange student at ETHS, who was also traveling with friends around Europe.

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After Prague, I headed back to Heilbronn for a few more days. Luckily, I was able to see Anna, my exchange student from last year:

Soon after, it was time to head home. I boarded the plane from Stuttgart to Copenhagen, and then flew home to Chicago. I’ve spent the last few days packing and catching up with friends, and Thursday, I will officially begin life as a college student.


One thought on “Off to College

  1. Can’t believe you are taking off. Boo Hoo. Who will I have to nag??? Oh yes, Benjamin is still here. So excited for you. As a parent, it is so great to know you are comfortable in the world whether it is the US or abroad.

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