Investment Club Informational Meeting Summary

Investment club 2014-2015 started with a bang. Or more like a roar. 70 prospective entrepreneurial students crowded into the confines of Mr. Feeley’s room, signing in on computers, spilling into desks until only standing room was available, and even then it became a hot commodity. This legion of supporters came to hear what recruiters for the club had been preaching about so effectively: how they would make money. They weren’t disappointed.

The President of this fine club, Noah Silverman gave a ringing presentation about the year to come. Speakers were highlighted, among them the Crate and Barrel boss and a number of high-ranking business chieftains. Also, a rousing edition of a club-wide Stock Market game is bound to occur, and a prize lays in waiting for the champion.

If someone was not one of those 70 spectators, if they missed the first Investment club meeting of the year, fear not! Next Monday, September 22, holds promise of Steve Rodgers, a Harvard Business School professor who has so kindly offered to speak at the club. Anyone who wishes to join (or wishes to be a full member) should be at this presentation (after-school in A241.)

This post was written by Ben Osterlund


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