[Reblog] Mike Bloomberg Delivered For New York City by Russell Simmons

Michael Bloomberg is my favorite politician. I admire his independence from political parties and lobbyists. Mr. Bloomberg did what he felt was best for New York City, regardless of whether it may have been constitutional or politically correct. While I was going to write a post on Mr. Bloomberg, Russell Simmons did such a good job capturing how I felt I will be reblogging his post:

Global Grind

Mayor Bloomberg And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Announce Super Bowl Charitable Projects

New York City has never seen a mayor like Mike Bloomberg; a man who didn’t need to raise any money for his campaigns, which in turn, meant he didn’t owe anyone anything.  That just doesn’t happen in politics.  And not only did he not take any money for his three races for mayor, he actually spent his own money on services for people of the City of New York, to a tune of $650 million dollars. Mike Bloomberg loved his city and did everything he could to make it the best place to live and visit in the world!  When I saw the press’ coverage of his presence at the de Blasio’s inauguration, I felt the need to write this.

I certainly had my fair share of differences, both publicly and privately, with Mayor Bloomberg.  He knows that I adamantly disagreed with the way in which the NYPD used “Stop…

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One thought on “[Reblog] Mike Bloomberg Delivered For New York City by Russell Simmons

  1. I hope Mr. Bloomberg will continue to take on the NRA. We need someone with his skills and money to diminish the NRA’s influence.

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