FSLR, Maybe a time to buy?

FSLR or First Solar is a solar panel company, they make money by manufacturing and selling solar panels (not installing them). My dad first informed me about the stock, but I was a bit uninterested (it was trading at $55) now that it’s dropped to $41, i’m taking a second look.

When looking out at a larger chart for FSLR, I noticed something interesting:

Now the $41 looks pretty low, fairly close to the IPO Price.  The media and analysts aren’t too excited about the stock either, saying to dump it. Here’s a few reasons I am starting to think the opposite.

The financial media seems to have ignored that FSLR is going for the Asian market. This is huge, because competition for solar in Asian countries is really expected to pick up in the next few years. They will be expanding to China, India, and Japan.

FSLR’s P/E also is pretty good, and their sales seem to be increasing. Still, with that said, the stock has been up a lot this year, so I may only buy in it for speculation.

What do you think?


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