TEDx Midwest


Last week, I was given the rare opportunity to attend Tedx Midwest. Tedx is an independently organized TED event, that mimics the TED conference in every way. What is TED? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, the original topics of the conference in 1984.

We need TEDx ETHS

Now, the scope for these talks is very broad, speeches can be on virtually any topic. All TED talks must be at a maximum of 18 minutes in length, and speakers can never be paid. Every speech is recorded and posted online to http://www.ted.com/. (Some of them are very interesting to watch, if you ever want to have your brain explode).

Anyway, back to TEDx Midwest. This year it was held at the Harris Theater downtown.

TEDx Midwest was an interesting event, because it was invite only, and it still sold out. My dad got invited, but he couldn’t make it so I took his spot. Every two hours of speeches, they have an hour long break, where you are strongly encouraged to meet with the other attendees. In that time I met a lot of consultants, executives and bankers.

The speeches themselves were also very impressive. A few of my favorites were listening to Frank Heidt talk about computer security, Jeanne Gang talking about how she designed the Aqua Building, Jenn Lim talking about Happiness, Ron Finley talking about food deserts (he was awesome,) Benjamin Harrison talking about 3D printing Organs, and finally Lawrence Lessig talking about money in politics. I’d talk about the speeches in more detail, but they are all watchable online, and they’re much better speakers than I am a writer.

Now here’s what I really want to get to. During my day at TED, I believe I learned more in that day than I learned in a few months of school. TED inspired me, and opened my mind to all these different and amazing achievements of ordinary people. Why don’t we bring TED to ETHS? The students would really enjoy listening to these amazing speakers,  I it would be beneficial to the school. We should create a TEDx ETHS club to plan the event, and have it school sponsored. ETHS should really take one day out of the year and inspire its students.


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